Sunday, 26 July 2015

Travelling in Tasmania

Hi to all from Tasmania

Here we are again our notes from Tasmania:

We finished the house sit in Elizabeth Townall went well and we had a great time looking around the area. we then moved down to New Norfolk to do another house sit for 7 days to look after 2 dogs 2 Cats 6 Damara sheep (which come from East Asia & Egypt around 3000BC and were introduced to Australia from South Africa in 1996) thanks to the Internet for the info, they also had a Pony and 13 chooks. While we were there the two ewe's that were pregnant had a baby Ram each, which was a bit of a shock to me as the owner thought they would be born in August.

We have been looking at some houses and land that are for sale around the places we visit and are keeping notes on them on the good places.
We went for a drive to Mt Fields National Park to check out the walks and the falls in the Park, the walk wasn't too bad thought the park but the falls were great so we decided to walk to the top of the falls and phew it was a harder climb with lots of steps but we did it and we both were glad we did, as it was great too see.

We then headed to Dobson Lake where it had snowed the day before and Lee wanted to play in the snow, but it was too late in the day to start on the drive up the mountain, so we decided that we would come back the morning, The next day on the way up to Lake Dobson we seen some good snow so Lee had her play in the snow and made a snowball, We continued to the lake and it was frozen over, while walking around the lake we saw a small wallaby the Tasmanians call them paddy melons, which was warming its self up in the sun it’s a wonderland up there at this time of the year. 

We are heading up the east coast from here stopping over in Swansea and St Helens to have a look around to see what we missed the first time around we stayed in B&B's which were great and the breakfasts were to die for one B&B's even served black-pudding and haggis if you wanted some, they  were great B&B's.
Heading towards Lanena from St Helens on the Tasman Hwy if you could call it a highway the road had more turns than a go go dancer and it was all done in the rain so it took us alot longer  than expected but we did it with out any problems

Albino Trout in the Salon Pond
Lee under the falls

Lee in the Snow

New baby Ram

Paddy mellon getting warm by the sun

Russell Falls

At the top of Russell Falls
.   What a great picture


James and Lee Cheetham

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Jim and Lee in Tasmania

Hi to all from Tasmania

We are back on line doing our blog, we hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying life: 
We are in Tasmania, but we are not in our caravan we are doing some house sits in Tasmania. We are currently in Elizabeth Town small place just north of Deloraine which is a lovely little village with a population of about 2500.
This is the first house sit in Tasmania and we are looking after two  Dogs four Goats and five Chickens the property is five acres that is in a great location, I have attached some pictures below.
While we are here we are checking other lovely villages and towns around the area, We are also looking at properties that are for sale. There are lots of properties which are in great places to live for a fraction of the price in other States.

There are lots of old historic villages and building and the landscapes are to die for! (not really) the weather it a bit cooler than what we are used to, but you can put more on clothes if it gets too cold.

 This first morning in Elizabeth Town in the morning
 Frost on our car in the morning only day so far to have frost
 My and Lee's hand prints on the table near the lighthouse on arrival in Devonport Tasmania
 Looking out from the banks of the Rowallan Lake
 Lee on bridge over the Mersey River which has some frost on it
 Lee and Thea owner of house and the two Dogs Harvey and Muzzy
That's snow on the Western Tiers taken from the house we are sitting for in Elizabeth Town 

Be safe and live Life 

Lee and Jim

Saturday, 21 February 2015

On the road aahin 2015

Hi all

We are on the road again, travelling slowly towards Melbourne, as we are passing some of the same places as before we are just relaxing and looking at a few new things we missed the first time.

We have caught up with some fellow travellers from last years travels, We meet Ron and Coral in Venus Bay SA, and Ron and I went out fishing and caught a feed of whiting and some other fish.

As it very hot over here in the east we have been staying in Caravan Parks so we can use the Air Conditioner a lot of the time.

We are currently in Mildura where the temp has been in the hight 30's to low 40's, so we have been having a look round first thing in the mornings then resting in the afternoons. (not a bad life)

We are heading out of Mildura tomorrow heading down towards Laanecoorie to met up with some other friends for chat and a drink or two, then head of towards Shepparton as we have not been that way as yet, so it will be all new to us

We hope blog this find all well

Cheers Jim and Lee


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Our Travells from Exmouth to Perth September to October 2014

Hi all

Arrived in Exmouth and was surprised it was not as big as we thought it was, booked into Big4 caravan park 3 nights and had a good look round and did a sunset whale watching cruise for our wedding anniversary which was lovely.

We then went down to free camp in Cape Range National Park, and stay 4 nights in Mesa Camp for $6.60pn and visited all the other camps and bays down to Yardie Creek

We drove down the highway heading for Carnarvon and stopped in at Coral Bay to have a look but it looked so good we stayed a week and it was great, under the boat ramp there lives a groper call Merve he estimated to be around 350 to 400kg and about 7 foot log (see picture)

Continued down to Carnarvon ( I thought it was larger than it is) we had a look at the Blow Holes and HMAS Sydney memorial and the mile long jetty which was not that good and they charge $5 for the privilege. There was not much else to see or do in Carnarvon, we had a drive around the farms to look for good fruit and veg but but they charge more at farm gate than the supermarkets and only take cash we only got some bananas, which were very small ones.

After a night camp at Gladstone lookout, we went into Denham (Shark Bay) and spent a week relaxing and fishing having a drink or two.

Then we headed for Perth so Lee could have some more tests, we are now camped in Perth until we get some results and we will resume the Blog when we hit the road again. 


Cape Range and Ningaloo

Info on the Oyster Stacks

Lee at the one of the info spots down around the Cape Range  

More info on Snorkelling around Oyster Stacks

Beach at Coral Bay

Fishing on the beach at Coral Bay, they are big fish

Big Merv at boat ramp Coral Bay

Mile long Jetty Carnarvon

Blow Holes Carnarvon

 Gnomes on the top of Gladstone Lookout, not as many has are at Ferguson Valley south of Perth  


Monday, 8 September 2014

Kununurra to Exmouth

Hi all

Late again with Blog but we have been out in the sticks in WA  

On the way to Kununurra we stopped in at Lake Argyle, We had a look at the dam wall and surrounding area and did the Sunset cruise on the dam, where we saw lots of fresh water crocs and other wild life.

We had a good look round Kununurra and Wyndham the highlights were The Grotto Prison Doab Tree, Five Rivers Look out, Emma Gorge Zebeedee Hot Springs and we touched the Gibb River Road but it was too rough turn back after 200 meters.

Then we drove to the Spring Creek free camp where we took a helicopter fight over the Bungle Bungles better than driving over the very rough road, Lee enjoy the helicopter fight may because I was in the next Helicopter and not in hers.

Then we head down the Highway to Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing where we dropped of the caravan off at the caravan park and went down to Geike Gorge for the river cruise the scenery was wonderful, we had Barra, Chips and Salad from the Pub, it was nice but only a small serve for $15 each.

Next stop was Derby and visited Windjana Gorge and walked close to crocks on river bank, the next day we took the seaplane from Derby to the Horizontal falls which was awesome and then had a Barra Lunch then more runs thought the falls and a river cruise then sea plane back to Derby, end of a Fantastic day out. Even meet up on the trip with Ron Atkins and wife some of you may know him from the Forrestfield days.

We head for Broome but parked caravan at Roebuck Roadhouse which was 30km from Broome and took day trip into Broome, we had a good look around the Broome highlight. On the last day we were heading back to the caravan a noticed a large plum of smoke on the horizon which was the bush around the Roebuck roadhouse and it was still burning as we drove in No damage to any caravan as the Ses guys hose down all the vans .

Then down the road to Port Hedland and Karratha the gas plant was well worth a look then when to Dampier to see the statue of Red Dog by the info board.

Visited many bays on the way down to Exmouth and did some great free camps

Picture not in any order

 Outflow from Argyle Dam
 Lee does not drive car but OK with boat
 Crock having a laugh
 View from lookout Wyndham
 Old Aboriginal drawing
 Lee having a rest in a Tree
 Bye dear I think I am OK
 Shot of one gorge in the Bungle bungles
 Sea Plane from Derby to Horizontal Falls
 The water goes in on the high tide between two breaks in hills and then comes out when tide drops
 Lee, would not get in the other side of the cage where the Sharks were
 Rob Atkins and his wife Anne with the both of us, what a surprise and shock to see him on the bus on pick up from our Caravan Park
 Not a lot of room between the wall of the horizontal falls
Give me a lift, I been waiting hours 

Saturday, 2 August 2014


We have come to the end of our house sit in Humpty Doo in which we have had a great time looking after the 2 cats Neil and Milton and a lovely cross kelpy Scooby, who loves to play fetch, beach and chewing up balls and frizzbies, Scooby loved the beach and we took him there four times and he loved it.

Lee's sister flew in from Townsville the day before her birthday to surprise her and yes Lee did get a shock to see her, We went to the Casino for lunch and to play for a few hours on the pokes.
We showed Lynda some off the sights in around Darwin while she was her some of the included Litchfield National Park,

Lee flew up to Bali to meet up with our daughter Kasey. They had 6 days up there. We left Humpty Doo, and drove through Kakadu, where we did the jumping croc cruise.Very interesting. We saw 20 crocs. Jabiru is a very green and tidy little town. On leaving Jabiru we made our way down to Katherine and turned right to W A. We are now parked up at Big Horse Creek Camp for a few days, then will head to Kununurra. Slowly working our way back to Perth for Xmas. Will keep up dating the blog and keep you all informed of our travels

Regards to all

Lee & Jim 

 Large Termite mound
 Wangi Falls
 Mindil Markets
 Lee and Sister Lynda
 B52 Bomber Darwin
 Auto Museum Darwin Rolls Royce Ute travelled on 53 Sand and Ice Deserts of the world see list of
desert names on back of ute


Regards to all

Lee & Jim  

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Travelling to NT May - June 2014

Hi again it been a while since the last blog update, but we are have passing thought some places that have lots to see and do we have travelling with some other caravanner's from Port Augusta up to Katherine and there are lots of places that don't have internet service in the middle of the land and when they did the happy hour took over.
After a couple of nights in Port Augusta we headed up to Woomera,where we stayed for 2 nights. (doing the tourist thing and driving out to Roxby Downs and Andamooka.) Next onto Lake Hart,Glendambo and then a free camp at Bon Bon. Great little spot. We then headed to Coober Pedy.
In Coober Pedy we met a couple from Ballina, and decided to travel together for a while. We did a few tours, and went underground. Very unusual place. On leaving C P, we headed to the border of SA and NT. and did a free camp right on the border. Our next stop was Kulgera, on the turnoff to Uluru. We spent 5 days at the rock, but did not climb it. The local people requested you did not climb. (I think Jim was pleased, he did not have to do it. Kings canyon was an amazing place. Jim did the rim walk, which took 3 and a half hours. While we were in that area we met up with a good friend Bob from Cranbourne Victoria. We managed to have a couple of days with him and his sister Barb.
On our way to Alice Springs we stopped at Finke River free camp.
Alice was an eye opener, it was better than I had expected although the locals do seem to gather in the river bed during the day.
While we where there, we did all of the gorges,(Glen Helen, Ormiston, Serpentine, Ellery, Bighole and Standley Chasm. ) all magnificent. We left the caravan park at 6 30am and got back at 6pm. On the road again, Gemtree, Taylors Creek, Tennent Creek, and a free camp at Banka Banka station.
Then on to Mataranka for a few days of rest, and recouped in the hot springs. Katherine was our next stop , and the beautiful Katherine gorge.
Next stop Hayes Creek, where we visited the old Grove Hill Hotel. Just as we walked out of the hotel, the Ghan train went past. What a awesome sight.
We are now at Coomalie Creek, about 85 kms from Darwin,.this is a beaut little place right next to Litchfield National park. Then we go into Humpty Doo, to do a house sit for a month, as it's just off the Arnhem highway we will be able to visit Kakadu from Humpty Doo.